Lion cereals Nestlé Lion Cereals has created a very entertaining TV commercial: People are visiting an apartment they want to rent. Among them, we can see two friends who look younger than the other visitors. One of the two young men spots a box of Lion Cereals on the kitchen top. These cereals are a unique combination of chocolate and caramel created to satisfy wild hunger!  He decides to eat them. They are so good that he lets out a big roar. Panic ensues, with everyone tripping over each other to get out and the estate agent throwing the keys at the two friends to escape the “lion”. The two friends are well pleased - it looks like they can stay for free now. We want you to imagine what else could happen after the young guy let out his big roar of satisfaction. The roar is so loud that it disrupts the entire neighborhood… Let your creativity go wild! Create hilarious, zany, wildly fun alternative endings for Nestlé Lion Cereals that show what could happen when the young guy lets out a Lion roar of satisfaction. The video format: a short video, ideally 8 secs to 20 secs.

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  • #1 Prize €10,000
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  • #3 Prize €4,000
Set free your creativity and send us your most hilarious videos till September 13, 2015 23:59 UTC!