Dear creators,

Today is a special day! Why? Well, simply because we are entering a special month full of parties, celebrations, family & friends gatherings, moments of love & sharing, etc.. AND also because today we are going to introduce you with our creator of the month of December. He comes from Colombia, his name is Fernando a.k.a Publicomano on eYeka and he is very talented. He joined eYeka in 2012 and won 2 Prizes so far. Well it's now time to discover his full interview, but before that we wanted to wish you the best for these end of year's celebrations!

december creador Please introduce yourself to our eYeka community:

Hello to the eYeka community, my name is Fernando Lemos Mejia, I am from Colombia, and I'm currently living in Bogotá. I'm an Art Director (advertiser and designer), working in an advertising agency. I entered the world of advertising because I love competing , I love the creative thoroughness that this job requires and what I can create from it. I use the expression "to compete" because in the industry there are many awards that reward the level of your ideas and that to me is the basis for good things in the daily life, it's the engine that drives my work and in which I hope getting a lot of recognition .

What would be a creative without music ? ... NOTHING , so I also dedicate time to music, for me it's like the element that neutralizes the stress of work . I'm a drummer and composer of an electro rock band , I had quite a few projects that have been dropped for lack of commitment from others, but I feel that this one is gonna be different : "Total Master System". It's the name of the project, I don't think about becoming famous with it but I do want it to last for a long time.

Anything else about myself: PHOTOGRAPHY , I love photography , I feel it great that with only a light and a proper frame you can transmit so much. It's really amazing what a good photograph can tell.

Creator of the month

Why and how did you join eyeka? What motivates you to participate in a contest?

I found eYeka coincidentally, looking for things online, I went on the site and saw that they had a series of competitions and it was not difficult to make the decision to participate, as I said before, I'm very competitive.

What motivates me to participate in Eyeka is the fact that you have the opportunity to present your ideas in a place where talent is fully present, where people from around the world are willing to give the best of them. It's a great place to learn from what others do, I have seen very good ideas from: Russia, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, England, USA, France obviously, that makes my work better and motivates me to keep competing.

What do you think of our contests in general?

The contests are great, I love that eYeka handle various kinds of products and ideas, this is part of the reality  of advertising: in the morning you are working on an idea for a soda brand and in the afternoon you think about how selling life insurance.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I believe that inspiration comes depending on the objective you want to achieve, I mean, when looking to create things, for example things for the house: your mind must be fully focused on home and then you can find situations that may help you to find what has not been invented yet but that people need.

Usually when I start a project I always scan magazines, watch tv, surf online, and get a little bit more observant in the street, more analytical, I ask myself many questions and right after that, I start sketching the first ideas.

Do you have some advices for your fellow eYeka creators?

To all the eYeka members I would like to remind them that we have 2 options in life: to be good, and to be the best.  Thus you pick the decision and start to express yourself.

Do you have one project from which you are very proud of?

I can invite them to see my work here !! And follow me on Twitter : @publicomano . Thanks everyone for reading me.

Thanks a lot Publicomano for this great interview, see you soon on eYeka!!